Smart plan and strong foundation

Would you build your house in a swamp without a carefully designed plan? Probably not. That way you would just waste lots of money and eventually it would all crumble right on your head anyway. 

Marketing works exactly the same. The best results are achieved only by those who have a good plan and build on a solid foundation. We can certainly help you with that

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Our Services

We are fairly convinced that marketing has no universal solution and we always take this into account. We offer tools and methods. We help you reach your goals in the world of digital technologies. We need to know what you want to accomplish.

Web and digital analytics

Would you like to know the real value of money invested to marketing? Which paths lead customers to your website? Do your customers know your brand and consider it during shopping? 

After consultation of your marketing and business goals we will setup your measurement strategy. Based on the hard data you will be able to allocate your budget more effectively.

Data visualization

You know it: Piles of data in various incompatible sources. Long unreadable tables no one wants to open. Zero value added of such a data. 

Let´s change it and get more human readable insights from your daily data. We will data care of processing and visiualtion and you will get action oriented data, dashboards and reports which help to achieve your business goals.

marketing strategy and methodology

Meaningful marketing of our clients is our priority. Multiple subcontractors, various activities, every day chaning toolas. Thats the face of modern marketing.

Having a smart strategy is then key element for success. Without strategy and methodology you are not able to coordinate your marketing activities and propertly evaluate them. Everything will fall on your head.


We choose the best companies and their products to become our clients.

Website analytics audit, measurement strategy implemenetation, tag management implementation, long term experiments

Marketing strategy implementation, STDC workshops, website analytics management, long term optimization

Performance marketing for online cart, measurement strategy implementation, website analytics implementation

Pilsen Cube and VZLÚSAT satelite data visualisation with Microsoft PowerBI

Overall marketing management, marketing strategy implementation, measurement strategy implementation

Data visualization and reporting in Google Data Studio

Our Team

We dont do marketing. We help you reach your business goals in digital world.

Marek Čech

digital strategy architect

Goal without plan is just a wish.

jiří viták


Individual approach each and every project and client is the key.

Michal Pich


Orientation in the ocean of data is key.

Roman Tesárek


Long-term optimization of your campaigns and activities lead to success.


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